Swooning is a Thing of the Past | Frolic

Op Ed. AKA that time I put “splooshing” into an article and … it was allowed? Wild. This article is a dive into women’s history and our swooning, suffrage and survival.

The Romance Lover’s Guide to Escaping Terrible Convos | Frolic

Op Ed. I billed this as a guide, but it’s more of a romp, with jokes. Pre-Christmas, I was wracking my brains trying to come up with a fool-proof exit line to get out of any awkward family conversations I didn’t want to be in. The answer is romance.


Episode 74: Space Vikings Warrior’s Woman | Whoa!mance

Guest spot. I was honored, nay privileged, to join Morgan and Isabeau to talk about Warrior’s Women for their JOHANNAuary series. It was the ride of my life. Scrunchies, spanking, and sexbots, oh my!

Episode 23: Body Image in Romance Novels with Kennedy Ryan | Shelf Love

Quick clip. This episode is all Andrea and Kennedy and it’s phenomenal, I just pop in really quick to give my ten cents on thin privilege and the patriarchy. Classic.

No Judgments | Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Guest Review. I’m one of the biggest Meg Cabot fans of all time. I was 13 and on the Meg Cabot Message Boards (RIP), that’s how much of a fan I was. When I read No Judgments I had some complicated and conflicting feelings about it, so Smart Bitches was the perfect place to work this out.

Historical Accuracy is Absolute Bunk | Frolic

Op Ed. When the casting for the Netflix Bridgertons series was announced, some bigots on the internet lost their tiny minds to see Black actors cast. I waded into the comments when the announcement was made and this article is my reflection.

Episode 4: Brazen and the Beast| Shelf Love

Guest spot. Andrea and I talked about plus representation in historical romance, with Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean as our flagship read. We also talked about New Zealand, Falling Inn Love; and I went off on a really long fever dream about a blacksmith.

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