Eyes On Novella

Taylor Francis runs a successful event company and lounge bar. Greta Winters is an old-money socialite.

Their paths wouldn’t usually cross: Francis avoids women in Greta’s tax bracket like a New Yorker avoids Times Square. But in the face of unexpected public embarrassment, he won’t leave her to the wolves.

The impulse rescue sparks an attraction Francis can’t get out of his head. But Greta is wary of this too slick, too smooth, too gorgeous Lothario. Which would be much easier if his voice didn’t make her think of sweaty limbs and twisted sheets. Mostly his limbs. And her sheets. And his–

Greta’s in trouble.

*Sexy and funny, with a voice that leaps off the page, this is a 16,000-word contemporary romance with a HEA. Contains graphic language and on page sex.*


“There aren’t many books I tell people they have to read, but you have to read this fantastic novella. You’ll fall in love with these characters” – Hilma B, Goodreads

“Divinely feminist” – Christine, Goodreads

“Way to make sexual responsibility and consent hot and grown up! … I seriously recommend this delicious snack of a book.” – Jite, Goodreads

“You know you have read a great novella when you finish reading and you feel happy tingles … the characters leave you completely satisfied but still wanting more.” – pinkcowlandreads, Instagram

“The writing was heaven.” – liber_lady, Instagram


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I can’t imagine a better blog post, so imagine my delight to discover that not only does this exist, but Eyes On is included. This is the stuff of dreams. Sexy, sexy dreams.

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Katrina Jackson, Courtney Milan, Alyssa Cole, Adriana Herrera, Tessa Dare, Olivia Dade, Talia Hibbert and Rose Lerner all have novellas in this list, and really my whole reason for writing this page is to have an excuse to plug the fact that Eyes On is sitting here next to the greats.